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Semiconductor・FPD Field

Rapidly integrated semiconductor products….
MATSUSHITA SEIKI is given high estimations from customers because of its concentrations of advanced technology to develop Automatic Pellicle Mounter and masking process related devices.
We are willing to work for the public goods through our technologies to develop superior machines.

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Textile & packaging Field

We of course proud of long history and many experiences for Textile Machines & Packing Machines.
These machines are based on the skilled technologies and total quality control of parts selection,
processing, assembling and final adjustment. Literally, these machines are the results of our superior taraditions

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FA Field

“To accomplish 100% satisfaction of the customer”………This is our earnest wish and our pride. The more difficult subject is given to us, the more passionate emotion will rise in our engineer spirits. We are always making an effort to our products with designing team & factory engineers in a body.
Here we can introduce to you only a part of our many products developed ever before.
If you have an opinion about your problems, “It’s impossible”, please contact to us.
We believe we can give an certain answer to your problems.

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