Cloth Joiner Type-TH M243

Cloth Joiner 1.As the joining machine is fitted with a tearing device, it can automatically incorporate two previously independent processes.
2.This machine will work at the same speed as other joining machines, so there is no drop in capacity.
3.With untearable cloth (Knit, etc.) or cloth which doesn’t need tearing, the operating mode can be changed so that only the joining mode operates.
4.The most suitable tearing conditions can be set using the inverter control.
Product Name Cloth Joiner
Model Number Type-TH M243
Machine size 3100mmL*800mmW*1600mmH
Machine weight 350kg
Web size W=900-2000mm(*1)
Sewing machine OVER LOCK, INTER LOCK
Sewing speed 9m/min(Standard)
Sewing pitch 1-3mm
Electric supply AC200/220V・50/60Hz 3P
Compressed air 4.5kg/c㎡・120L/min
Option Narrow stich function
Sewing yarn cutter
Table lifter
Work table

(*1)Depending on the special specifications, widths of over 2000mm are possible