Auto Cloth Joiner Type-F

Auto Cloth Joiner 【Purpose】Unwinding and Joining Machine for roll web.
1.Cost saving・・・This machine can be operated by one operator(even woman),If the web is ready on magazine.
2.Higher quality joining・・・No fishtails, Can be operateb by people with no experience of sewing.
3.Systematic arrangement・・・This machine can be connected with the next process (Such as dyeing process) and to centrazize the work with high productivity.
4.Easy operation・・・This machine can be operated with easy and tireless.
5.Simple construction・・・Simple construction ensures accurate easy mainntenance.
Product Name Auto Cloth Joiner
Model Number Type F
Machine size 4556mmL*2450mmW*2878mmh
Machine weight 1800kg
Web size Width=900-1800mm(*1)
Sewing machine OVER LOCK, INTER LOCK
Sewing speed 9m/min(Standard)
Sewing pitch 1-3mm
Unwinding speed 0-200m/min
Electric supply AC200/220V・50/60Hz 3P
Compressed air 4.5kg/c㎡・120L/min
Option Narrow stich function
Sewing yarn cutter
Cloth tearing device
Comulsory unwinding stand
Batch up device
Measurement system

(*1)Depending on the special specifications, widths of over 1800mm are possible.